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Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan:

"As the world's largest non-profit international affairs organization, World Affairs Councils play an important role in bringing a greater understanding of world affairs."

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World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh

Members of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh include students and teachers, young professionals, established executives, regional and international businesses, and interested citizens.  It is a diverse group united by interest in our increasingly interconnected world.  Council membership provides a singular opportunity to engage with international leaders and connect with others who have a passion for informed, independent dialogue on international affairs.  It provides our members a nonpartisan forum in which to consider the full range of international issues facing our region.  

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Promote, on a non-partisan basis, understanding of important international issues, throughout the community and with a special focus on the region's secondary schools

-World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh Mission Statement

Global Thinking for the 21st Century

  • Staying Competitive in a Global Economy
  • Rising Powers: China, Brazil, & India at Center Stage
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Defining America’s Role in the World
  • Focus on Africa (modernization, continuing civil strife, health)
  • Global Trends (aging, organized crime, rise of fundamentalism, status of women, health as security risk)
  • Religion and Politics in the Muslim World
  • Peace Keeping and Nation Building
  • Russia's Struggle to Define Itself in a Post-Cold War Era
  • Latin America: Challenges and Prospects

For 80 years, the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh has served this community, convinced that:

  • Americans need to understand a world that looks to them for leadership
  • Business people need to assess risk and opportunities to compete effectively
  • Teachers and students need to have the tools to comprehend this dynamic world

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