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In the Hot Seat Video Conference
From Sudan to Pittsburgh: A Lost Boy Remembers

April 27, 2015

For this event, students at Trinity High School will work with Mr. Kur to tell his story through a talk-show style discussion. Up to five interactive video conference sites can participate and submit questions ahead of the program.

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KQV Global Press Conference
Ties that Bind: Deepening Trade and Investment across the Atlantic

May 2, 2015

This half-hour radio program will feature Rachel Mauer and Paul Overby, Vice President and President of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Garman-American Chamber of Commerce. They will discuss "Ties that Bind: Deepening Trade and Investment across the Atlantic” with host Council President, Dr. Steven E. Sokol.

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Global Blueprint
Interactive workshops to shape Pittsburgh’s international vision

May 7, 2015

You can make a difference in Pittsburgh's global future! Join us as we go through a facilitated exercise to determine small, medium, and long-term strategies needed in becoming a more globally fluent metro area. Your input and feedback are needed as we continue these conversations.

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In partnership with the Heinz Awards, the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh is hosting a Heinz Awards Conversation to introduce the 20th Heinz Award Recipient for Public Policy:

May 13, 2015

Join us for breakfast with internationally renowned water policy expert, Dr. Aaron T. Wolf, who will discuss how cooperation can replace conflict with respect to one of our planet’s most precious resources – water.

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Summer Seminar on Global Issues
June 15-July 2, 2015

June 15, 2015

The Summer Seminar on Global Issues is designed to help students understand and think critically about their world—and the various issues, connections, and perspectives within it. Through a mix of classroom instruction, experiential learning activities, and discussions with experts, participants will strengthen their understanding of overarching global issues and how these issues shape the world around them.

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For more than 80 years, the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh has served as a valuable resource for the Pittsburgh community. Under the auspices of its Global Engagement and Leadership initiative, the World Affairs Council offers a variety of programs and activities designed to educate and inform opinion leaders, decision-makers, professionals, and the community at large about pressing economic, political, and social developments around the world – and their relevance to our region.

Through innovative program design and the selection of thought-provoking speakers and interesting venues, the Council regularly hosts a range of events tailored to the interests and needs of the Pittsburgh community. Breakfast Briefings and Public Policy Discussions over lunch are the most common format, but the Council also holds events after work in non-traditional spaces in different parts of town. In addition, the Council organizes various special events—such as its annual trivia competition, WorldQuest.

Regardless of the time of day, the World Affairs Council reaches across generations to provide attendees of all ages with the opportunity to engage substantive speakers in a dialogue about important international issues. Past speakers have included former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, Turkish Ambassador Namik Tan, and former Prime Minister of South Korea, Ambassador Han Duk-Soo.

In addition, the Council works with the business community to offer tailored programs to help local companies to be informed and engaged on global issues.

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