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Special Seminar and Video Conference
Human Rights: Reflections from a War Correspondent

October 21, 2014

During this event, students will have the opportunity to hear from Professor Anne Nelson about her experiences as a war correspondent and her work in promoting human rights. What role does the media play in contemporary conflicts? What insights do those on the front lines gain? What responsibilities are unique to war correspondents and other observers of human rights?

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4th Annual Dignity and Respect Day
In Celebration of Global Dignity Day

Live Webcast and Interactive Video Conference

October 22, 2014

Global Dignity Day is an international effort to connect students across the globe to discuss the role that dignity and respect plays in their lives. In celebration of Global Dignity Day, this program invites students to participate in activities and conversation with their local and international peers to highlight ways students can promote dignity and respect in their classrooms and community.

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Special Seminar and Video Conference
Think Globally: Preparing for the Future

October 24, 2014

During this special seminar, students will hear from Bryant Salter, a Pittsburgh native who spent time as both a United States diplomat and a professional football player before launching his own international business consultancy. Mr. Salter will help students develop their own strategy for success by sharing his personal story: the path he took and the choices he made along the way that opened unsuspected opportunities.

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Educational Travel for Teachers

In the summer of 2011, the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh took 12 educators to Europe for one week.  While abroad, the teachers visited Brussels and Vienna, thanks to a generous grant from the European Union.

When funding opportunities avail themselves, the Council organizes travel abroad opportunities for a small group of teachers to meet with policy experts and officials and to learn more about the country and issues first hand. 

Thanks to a generous grant from the European Union, the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh organized a two-week study tour to Europe from June 27 to July 10, 2009. The tour provided local educators with an opportunity to experience first-hand the history and culture of France, Belgium, Austria and Slovakia.

In 2007, the Council offered four fellowships to educators for a Summer Study Tour to Turkey, made possible through a generous grant from the Turkish Cultural Foundation. These fellowships enabled four educators at the pre-collegiate level to participate in a two-week study tour to Turkey during July 25 - August 10, 2007.

In 2004, seven high school teachers — accompanied by an education reporter from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review — took a week-long trip to Brussels to focus on European integration and transatlantic relations.  This opportunity was possible in cooperation with the Center for West European Studies and European Union Center at the University of Pittsburgh, through a grant from the European Commission.

The World Affairs Council has also facilitated local teacher participation in funded travel opportunities to Egypt and Ghana.

When I teach about the European Union I can now bring credibility into my classroom.  Sitting in the European Commission and the European Parliament, I can now give my students a picture of what operations go on there and they can compare that to their own government.

- Chip Krol, Social Studies Chair, South Side Area High School

The Turkey Summer Study Tour enriched my teaching in more ways that can be explained... I got to SEE how the layers of cultures intertwined, reacted and encountered each other. I have key ‘snapshots’  to share that go beyond what the 20 years of history books has tried to impart to me. For this I am forever grateful as an educator and as a student of life.

- Victoria Robins, Social Studies Teacher, Fox Chapel Area High School

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