Summer Study Tour to Europe – Day 3 (Part 2)

Today’s events! What a fantastic day we had. A bit rainy in the morning, thank goodness for the metro! We went to meet with an European People’s Party (EPP) rep, which was very informative. His EU 101 presentation really helped to make everything “click” into place from yesterday’s speaker, then off to see and touch a piece of the Berlin Wall. How amazing, even though we span generations in this group, we all remember and understand the profound importance of this momentous historical event. What an opportunity to be able to actually touch history like this.

Lunch- food was excellent, no surprise there. Michael Ruhle from NATO spoke to us about the past, present and “future” role of NATO in foreign affairs. He had a wealth of insight into the agency and its functions. He was able to approach topics dealing with speech writing, issues with France and decisions with Bulgaria in the 1970s, to present day issues concerning cyber attacks and how the NATO as a military entity has or possibly should be dealing with these issues. For me personally, Michael was the highlight of the day. Out of the “norm” our “informal luncheon” seemed to give the group a new open forum to discuss past and present policies as well as possibilities for the future. Michael was a very charismatic, gracious and informative speaker.

Megan Fuga
Cornell High School