90 Activities for 90 Years: Week Seven (8/23-8/29)

Welcome to the seventh weekly activity roundup of our 90 for 90 anniversary campaign! Every day during our anniversary celebration from July 13 to October 11, we will be promoting globally-minded podcasts and movies, virtual events around the world, and in-person activities you can do in Pittsburgh or in your own community. 

 Look here for a weekly roundup of events at the beginning of the week, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for a new activity each day.


Monday, 8/23: Visit a Farmers Market

Summer is the time for local farmers markets, so head out and pick up some fresh finds.

Check out the ultimate guide to Pittsburgh Farmers Markets.

Tuesday, 8/24:  Log One Mile

Time to catch up on your 90 for 90 miles! We’re only halfway through, so there’s still time to register!

Join in our virtual challenge!




Wednesday, 8/25:  Lunch Break Walk

Take some time out of your day to enjoy nature.




Thursday, 8/26: Watch an episode of Ugly Delicious!

This Netflix docuseries combines travel, cooking, and history to highlight one dish around the world each episode. 




Friday, 8/27: Tour the Petite Galerie Exhibit at The Louvre. 

In its second season, the Petite Galerie explored one of the performing arts: dance. 

Virtually view how artists use different materials and techniques to represent movement.


Saturday, 8/28: Pedal Pittsburgh

Check out Pedal Pittsburgh’s bicycling event!

Explore the city during this four-day event! 



Sunday, 8/30: Take a trip to the water

Pittsburgh has plenty of riverfront spots to visit and explore — or visit a beach, stream, lake, or even a fountain in your community!