90 Activities for 90 Years: Week Three (7/26-8/1)

Welcome to the third weekly activity roundup of our 90 for 90 anniversary campaign! Every day during our anniversary celebration from July 13 to October 11, we will be promoting globally-minded podcasts and movies, virtual events around the world, and in-person activities you can do in Pittsburgh or in your own community. 


 Look here for a weekly roundup of events at the beginning of the week, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for a new activity each day.


Diversity Forum

MONDAY, 7/26: Pitt Diversity Forum

Understand the community around you by exploring different perspectives and learning about the injustices that individuals still face in this four-day virtual forum. 

Register now to work toward a more equitable world!


Schenley Park – Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

TUESDAY, 7/27: Visit a local park

With over 165 parks to visit, Pittsburgh is no stranger to nature. Go out and explore!

Pick a park to enjoy!



WEDNESDAY, 7/28: Take a Riverfront Trail Ride

 Missed the Council’s community bike ride on Saturday? There are still plenty of opportunities to ride the riverfront and explore the city, like a Riverfront Trail Ride with Venture Outdoors!

Take a ride along the river!


Eat The World

THURSDAY, 7/29: Eat the World!

Let your taste buds travel abroad with international cuisine! Eat food from another country that you have never tried before.

Find inspiration with this map of international restaurants in Pittsburgh!


FRIDAY, 7/30: Try a New Exercise

Take a salsa class, do some morning yoga, learn about the art of Tai Chi. The world has plenty of exercise to offer!

Look here for a list of online workout classes! 

And make them count by logging them in our virtual challenge!


SATURDAY, 7/31: Walk Hazelwood

Learn about the history, art, and sustainable future of Hazelwood. 

Get to know the neighborhood’s rich and vibrant history with a free walking tour! 


SUNDAY, 8/1: Visit the Pitt Nationality Rooms

There are both in person and virtual opportunities to learn about the culture and history behind Pitt’s most famous rooms! 

Explore classrooms that teach about international heritage!