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Experts: Everyday internet-ready devices susceptible to cyberattacks
A recent massive computer hacking incident that blocked traffic to many popular online sites offered just a taste of how bad future attacks could be, a top national cybersecurity expert said Wednesday in Pittsburgh.

Let’s be diplomatic: We can leverage the Iran deal to help solve problems
Americans will elect a new president in November. That president will face many challenges, none more dangerous than the chaos in the Middle East. Experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan have taught us we cannot manage the region’s crises without partners or by military means alone.

‘The Fires of Spring’: A Pittsburgh RAND scholar’s vital ‘Post-Arab Spring Journey Through the Turbulent New Middle East’
The so-called Arab Spring started five years ago, in Tunisia, where a frustrated young fruit seller set himself on fire after a government official slapped him and stole his apples, setting off waves of popular indignation that ultimately rocked governments across the Middle East, population 500 million. Five years later, the earth has moved to some still uncalculated extent. The world is trying to make sense of what has happened, what it means particularly in terms of the relationship between Islam and states, and seeking to judge what comes next, not least in terms of gauging what the U.S. role should be in the whole shooting match.

Diversity as seen through the eyes of women
The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh hosted the third installment of its series “Diversity through the Eyes of Women.” A dynamic panel of women leaders, representing Pittsburgh’s African American community, addressed issues surrounding diversity and inclusion in Pittsburgh, at Point Park.

RAND analyst skeptical of calls to turn Syrian refugees away
The current “ugly rhetoric” spouted by those who oppose the admission of Syrian refugees into America is actually working to bolster Islamic State terrorism, according to an international security expert presenting at a luncheon following the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh’s 84th annual meeting.

Angelica Ocampo named new President and CEO of World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh
The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh (WAC), which for 80 years has served as an independent forum for advancing the region’s impact on the international stage and educating those in the region about the importance and relevance of global issues, has appointed Angélica Ocampo as its next President and CEO.

World Affairs Council announces new CEO and president
Angelica Ocampo has been appointed president and CEO of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh and will begin her new post on Nov. 16. Ocampo is executive director of WorldFund, a 13-year-old New York-based organization that supports teacher development in Mexico and Brazil.

World Affairs Council announces new president/CEO | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh has named Angelica Ocampo as its new president and chief executive officer. She will begin the job Nov. 16.

Expert: Online battles will be fought, but military conflict remains most pressing concern
Wars will be fought online as well as on land, air and sea, a top computer security expert told the Tribune-Review.

But it’s less likely that a major foreign country would launch an all-out computer attack without using conventional weapons, said P.W. Singer, senior fellow at the New America Foundation think-tank in Washington.

Good people doing good things – The Heinz awards make you feel better about the world – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
It is such a pleasure to write, for a change, about a program that brings joy and pride to Pittsburgh, the United States and the world. Most of the time I find myself writing about wars, starving migrants adrift at sea and other subjects of indignation or despair. The program is the Heinz Family Foundation awards, presented this year by the foundation chairman, Teresa Heinz Kerry, in a ceremony at her home in Fox Chapel last Wednesday. And it honors the late Sen. H. John Heinz III, who died in a tragic airplane accident in 1991. The awards, presented since 1993, this year went to six individuals or teams and totaled $1.25 million.

The view from Belgium: A top diplomat gives Pittsburgh the European perspective – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Belgium’s ambassador to the United States, Johan Verbeke, in a visit Tuesday analyzed the U.S.-Europe relationship, particularly given economic and cultural ties between Pittsburgh and the continent.

Program pairs Western Pa. students with businesses to solve real problems – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
A school-to-business partnership in which students work with executives to solve complex problems is on a growth track.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Hill tells World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh U.S. efforts in Syria fall short – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Kurdish militia groups, backed by U.S.-led airstrikes, have slowed the momentum of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a former U.S. ambassador to Iraq said Monday during an appearance in Pittsburgh.

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