Resource Guide: South Sudan

Earlier this month, Americans celebrated the 235th anniversary of the country’s independence with picnics and fireworks displays. Just five days later, on July 9th, another country celebrated its Independence Day, except in this case for the very first time. That country was South Sudan. Here are links to some essential articles on this historic event, … Read More

>The Dish on WikiLeaks

> Don’t let the name fool you, WikiLeaks is not associated with everyone’s favorite online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.  But both websites do embody a similar ideal:  access to information.  The difference is that WikiLeaks wants to give access to classified information.  Without condemning or condoning WikiLeaks and the actions of its Editor in Chief, Julian Assange, … Read More

>Thailand – Information and Resources

> Thailand has seen massive amounts of political and social unrest because of the “red shirts” or protesters of anti-governmental riots.  NPR states that the leaders of the protesters, who have dubbed themselves red shirts, said they wanted talks mediated by the United Nations, provided the government agreed to an immediate cease-fire and pulled its … Read More