Europeans Head to the Polls

This week, the European Union faces 29 different elections: 28 European Parliamentary elections at the national level, and one European Union-wide election to elect the new president of the European Commission. The national elections, held in each individual member country, will determine the layout of the European Parliament for the next five years. The lead … Read More

2014 Elections in Afghanistan

    The April 5th elections that took place in Afghanistan received wide international coverage. There were concerns of voter fraud and ballot stuffing, threats of violence from the Taliban, and the enduring influence of departing President Hamid Karzai. What is often left out of this discussion, however, is the importance of elections from the … Read More

Global Elections to Watch in 2014

2013 was an exciting year for national elections, with some more newsworthy than others. The world watched as Iran elected President Hassan Rouhani, signaling the possibility of improved cooperation with the international community. The death of Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, resulted in a special presidential election bringing to power a likely successor. In Germany, Chancellor … Read More

After Chavez

Here at the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, we try to call awareness to pressing foreign affairs issues, especially in countries often sidelined for more “breaking” news. Just earlier this month our Latin America Regional Seminar at Fox Chapel Area High School showcased key developing issues – and the region’s integral role in the world. … Read More