>”After The Pittsburgh Summit”

> We recently invited Nigel Nagarajan from the Delegation of the European Commission to the U.S. to speak with students and teachers. He shared a wealth of information as to what was discussed at the recent G-20 Summit, how the world ended up in a global recession, and where the economy is headed now. We … Read More

>Ask an Expert: Juan Delgado

> Today, Dr. Juan Delgado took a few minutes to answer some students’ questions about energy and climate change.  Dr. Delgado is the Chief Economist for the Spanish National Commission for Competition, and was a panelist at our recent G-20 Student Summit.  For his complete bio, please look here (pdf).     Question from Italy: In … Read More

>After the G-20: What Now?

> David Murdoch, the Chairman of our Board of Directors, recently wrote a wonderful op-ed piece for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  His piece was published last weekend in the Sunday Forum on pages B-1 and B-4.  In this article, he gives his opinion about what Pittsburgh should do now that the G-20 Summit has ended. I … Read More

>G-20 Follow Up … Why Protest?

> A major media focus during the G-20 Summit here in Pittsburgh was on the protests and the protester’s activities. This raises an important question — why might someone protest the G-20? To shed some light on this issue, here are two great resources. The first is a blog article from Council friend (and Amizade’s … Read More

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>More G-20 Communique Responses

>As a follow-up to our previous entry, here are a few more responses to the G-20 Student Summit Communiqué (found here). From: Franklin High School (Mrs. Black’s 7th Pd. Class)G-20 Member: Unspecified Response: 1.) B. We chose this because we wanted to prevent the widening of trade defeciency. 2.) E. We chose this because we … Read More

>Communique Responses

> As promised, here are a few responses to the Communiqué that we posted in our last entry. Please feel free to share your thoughts/feedback in the comments! From: Elizabeth Forward High SchoolG-20 Member: Mixed Response: Energy is the main focus of the group of mixed countries because without energy, our efforts for recovery will … Read More

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>G-20 Student Summit Communique

> If you click here, you’ll find the .PDF version of the Policy Scenario/Communiqué that we developed for the G-20 Student Summit. The questions at the end of the scenario were answered by small groups of students. Each group took the position of a selected G-20 member and answered the questions from that viewpoint. We’ll … Read More

>G-20 Student Summit Follow-Up

> Thanks to everyone who participated in last Thursday’s G-20 Student Summit! Keep an eye on this blog — we’ll be posting lots of follow-up information (videos, student and teacher comments, media coverage, etc.) as well as information from the actual Pittsburgh Summit that will take place later this week.

>”Don’t Expect G-20 Breakthroughs”

> The Pittsburgh Summit is rapidly approaching. In less than 2 weeks, leaders from around the world (the “G-20 plus three”) will travel to our city to address some of the most pressing global issues of today. Council President, Sky Foerster, recently sat down with Craig Smith, a reporter for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, to … Read More

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