First Day of School: Global Edition

This post was written and researched by World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh intern, Jill Fronk. September has arrived and is quickly passing by, which mean only one thing for students here in the U.S.—the beginning of school.  The new school year, means fresh new school supplies, yes some people would prefer a bouquet of pens and … Read More

Project Koraput: Conversation with Debendra Singh

by Jen Saffron March 20, 2012 Debendra Singh is an Indian Christian minister in Jeypore, Orissa State, India. He works as a grassroots leader, empowering the poor in one of the poorest states in India and pastoring three congregations, including a faith community comprised entirely of refugees – the Koraput Survivors – who survived sectarian … Read More

Project Koraput: I am this, I am that. I am not this, I am not that.

by Jen Saffron March 19, 2012 “It is impossible to think of a democracy which recognizes ‘untouchability’ as a part of one’s individual Dharma or as a permissible form of religion or social prejudice.” – wall text from the Freedom Struggles Museum at the Red Fort, Delhi Church in Nandaguda, a village of mud houses … Read More

Project Koraput: Going South

by Jen Saffron Arriving in Delhi’s airport last night, we encountered a string of uniformed porters, drivers, and relatives, hanging over a rail like parade spectators, some holding paper signs with an expected guest’s name.  Our driver, Sanjay, held a sign that read, “Mr. Lynn Johnson” and after his look of surprise when Lynn introduced … Read More

Project Koraput, India: The Call

by Jen Saffron  In 2011, photographer Lynn Johnson embarked on a trip to India, documenting for National Geographic’s March 2012 cover story.  Her journey enabled her to follow the Christian Apostles, including St. Thomas in India, where she documented refugees – survivors of religious violence now settled in the community of Koraput in India’s Orissa State. … Read More

BRICS: A resource guide on the world’s evolving balance of economic (and possibly political) power

BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The acronym has become a buzzword in the public discourse on emerging economies—the so-called “rise of the rest”—and what their rise implies for the global balance of power. We at the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh have compiled this guide to provide you with some useful resources … Read More

A Few Questions for the Indian Ambassador

The Council recently welcomed the Ambassador of India to the United States, Meera Shankar, to Pittsburgh.  While Ambassador Shankar was in town, she had a number of meetings and events to attend, but she took some time to speak with Joe Lucot, a student from Upper St. Clair High School. [youtube] If you’re interested … Read More

>Asia Pacific (APAC) Thursdays: India

>India Launches Identity Card Program The BBC reports that India has launched an identity card program to help ensure more accurate food distribution and better security for its citizens. The identity cards, or UIDs (unique identifications) were given out at the village of Tembhli, the first town in all of India to administer the program.  … Read More