Internship Opportunities and Global Learning for the Summer of 2014 and Beyond

There is a lot to be learned outside of the classroom! Whether you are thinking about college applications or possible career plans, a summer internship, study, or travel opportunity is worth considering, and with summer just around the corner many high school, undergraduate, and graduate students are doing just that. To help start the search … Read More

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi

Over the next two weeks, the world will tune in to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. An estimated 6,000 athletes representing 85 different countries will compete in 89 separate events. Covered extensively in the news, the town of Sochi, Russia has undergone a marvelous transformation with the construction of new and renovations to existing hotels, … Read More

About Iran

Iran is often in the news, sometimes for its nuclear dealings and more recently for its sudden closure of cafes that were declared ‘un-Islamic.’ Though America’s presidential election and the Eurozone crisis have largely supplanted Iran’s front-page place in the news, the oil-rich country nonetheless continues to make waves in the international community. Iran is … Read More

Learning about Latin America

Last week, the Council held its 37th annual Summer Seminar on World Affairs. On Wednesday, Dr. Scott Morgenstern, Professor of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh, spoke to the participants about Latin America. One thing we discovered during the session is that many high school classes don’t cover current events in Latin America. As … Read More

A Few Thoughts on Fair Trade

What is fair trade? Fair Trade is a social movement that was started in the 1940s to help families in Puerto Rico overcome poverty.  It has since grown into a global effort.  The movement is based on transparency, dialogue, and respect.  All fair trade products are produced by farmers and artisans who receive fair wages … Read More

Soliya: Connecting Muslim Communities with the West

For the next eight weeks, I will be joining the organization Soliya as a volunteer group facilitator for their Connect Program. Soliya’s mission is “to improve relations between Western and predominantly Muslim societies by enabling youth to participate in cross-cultural dialogue and education. Soliya’s programs use video conferencing and new media to connect young people … Read More