Welcome Home to the 2013 Global Travel Scholars! (Part 2)

Earlier this week, we introduced you to six of our 12 Global Travel Scholars with a compilation of excerpts from their travel essays about their summer immersion trips. In case you missed it, you can catch up on the adventures throughout Asia, South and Central America by clicking here. Part two features six additional scholars … Read More

Learn About: Málaga, Spain

Last school year, I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Spain. My program was located in the Mediterranean city of Málaga, which I of course fell in love with over the course of my year living there. Málaga is the principal hub of the Costa del Sol—the “Sunny Coast” of Spain that lies … Read More

Why They’re Protesting in Spain

If 2011 has shown us anything so far, it is that there is truly power in numbers – specifically, when masses of young people, organized through social media, come together peacefully to call for change. In Tunisia and Egypt they toppled dictators, and as the Arab Spring spreads throughout the Middle East, the region is … Read More

>Ask an Expert: Juan Delgado

> Today, Dr. Juan Delgado took a few minutes to answer some students’ questions about energy and climate change.  Dr. Delgado is the Chief Economist for the Spanish National Commission for Competition, and was a panelist at our recent G-20 Student Summit.  For his complete bio, please look here (pdf).     Question from Italy: In … Read More