Summer Study Tour to Europe – Day 3

Today’s afternoon session was very interesting, especially from an educator’s perspective.   Our presentation was delivered by the EURYDICE network of the EU.  This stands for the Information Systems and Policies in Europe.    This is the organization that has been given the responsibility to create ‘benchmarks’ for EU educational integration.  It would seem the target year, … Read More

Summer Study Tour to Europe – Day 2 (Part 3)

Day 2! Waffles, beverages and some amazing learning experiences!  To sum up day 2 is difficult in a short blog, since there were many planned and unplanned adventures.  To start, I had the best hotel breakfast I have ever had!  Ok, so being from Pittsburgh, my expectations were low, but honestly, it was delicious—pastries, cappuccinos, … Read More

Summer Study Tour to Europe – Day 2 (Part 2)

Mussels.  High quality, pricey chocolates.  Hand crafted lace and tapestry.  Unique beers.  The seat of the EU and NATO.  Gourmet food. Cobblestone streets. Palaces.  Museums.  History.  Culture.  Brussels!  These were my expectations at the start of my WAC adventure, and I have not been disappointed. I have learned so much about the EU in just … Read More

>Thinking Outside the…Classroom!

> Hopefully you caught the Sunday’s editorial in the Post-Gazette by Ryan Oliver, a social studies teacher with City Charter High School.  He presented some pretty interesting ideas about education reform.  Currently, Ryan and 18 City High students are taking education to a new level. They’re on a “learning journey” in Costa Rica.  The goal? … Read More

>MUN’s the Word

> Whether you’re a student looking for a few Model United Nations tips or a teacher who’d like to incorporate a MUN into your curriculum, check out Kerem Turunc’s The Winning Delegate: An Insider’s Guide to Model United Nations.  Fit for anyone on the spectrum, be they high-schoolers or university professors, Turunc’s guide is comprehensive … Read More

>Day 6 (Brussels)

> We entered the NATO gates to 28 waving flags saying welcome! This is a 60’s style campus of buildings in need of renovation and modernization. Our first presenter, Dr. Stephanie Babst, Deputy Assistant Secretary General, Communications Coordination, Public Diplomacy Division (wow, what a title—wow, what a woman—wow— she was at Penn State for a … Read More