Using Google to Teach About the World

On Tuesday, March 11, 2014, teachers from across Southwestern Pennsylvania gathered at the Pittsburgh-based Google offices to learn more about new educational tools offered by Google. Given the popularity of the program and platforms discussed, we’ve provided information on each tool below with some of the in-the-classroom uses discussed during the workshop. Google is a … Read More

Year in Review: International Affairs in 2011

Happy New Year, everyone! 2012 is off to a snowy start here in Pittsburgh, and this seems like a perfect time to review what has happened over the past 360-some odd days. As always, the global stage was full of tumult and change: 2011 saw the deaths of influential world figures (Warren Christopher, Muammar Gaddafi, … Read More

Facebook and the World

Social networking has become a central part of many people’s daily lives. However, not only has it evolved into an essential tool for our personal social lives, but it has also begun to change the world on a much larger scale. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have made headlines for their roles in generating and … Read More

A few other blogs of interest…

If you’re a fan of our blog (and let’s be honest — who isn’t?), then you might enjoy some of our friends’ blogs, as well! A new feature that you’ll notice on the right-hand side of your screen is our Blogroll, where we’ll share links to interesting blogs that we recommend. Right now, we’re highlighting … Read More

>The Dish on WikiLeaks

> Don’t let the name fool you, WikiLeaks is not associated with everyone’s favorite online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.  But both websites do embody a similar ideal:  access to information.  The difference is that WikiLeaks wants to give access to classified information.  Without condemning or condoning WikiLeaks and the actions of its Editor in Chief, Julian Assange, … Read More

>Cyber Security and Civil Liberties

> War isn’t just fought on a battlefield anymore. The newest soldiers are just as likely to be sitting next to you in a café typing up that report for the boss, or watching their kids at a soccer game while checking their smartphones. Their choice of weapon? A computer. With computers, your ATM account … Read More

>A Blog About Blogging

> Hello, loyal followers of the World Affairs Education Outreach Blog!  We just wanted to give you an update as to the types of things to expect from this blog as we move forward. This summer, we’ll be hosting a number of guest bloggers (including interns, students, and teachers — many of whom are traveling … Read More

>The Student Perspective Blog

> In association with the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, a tenth grade Pine Richland High School student, Catherine McAnney, has created a blog for students to voice their opinions about what is happening in society today. The blog can be found at This blog is intended to provoke discussion and comment by students … Read More

>World Affairs Council Wiki-Site

> The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh has been working to expand our educational outreach through technology. We are pleased to announce updates to our Wiki site, which is part of our Global Affairs Interactive Network (GAIN). On, you can find many resources: Videos from GAIN sessions, special seminars where students engage in round-table … Read More


Welcome to the new Education Outreach Blog from the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh. We are very excited to host a forum for collaboration between students, teachers, and community members with an interest in international affairs and education! This blog will include: International Affairs Resources for use at home and in the classroom Information on … Read More