Turkey: A Bridge or an Island?

Source: CIA World Factbook Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey is uniquely situated geographically, socially, and politically. It borders eight different countries, including an economically unstable Greece, as well as Syria, a country currently engaged in a violent civil war. Turkey is not immune to upheaval. In the last year, anti-government protesters … Read More

Protests and Progress

While protestors in Istanbul build barricades from paving stones and the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Demonstration passes, the UN is beginning discussions to update the Millenium Development Goals, which expire in 2015. Delegations to the UN lack the media attention of the battered Turks, but their work may be just as significant–there is a … Read More

Arriving in Istanbul

Arriving at Istanbul Airport is an assault on the senses. Throngs of people push and pull in different directions loaded down with bags and shouting at each other. Istanbul is where the Occident and the Orient meet. It is also the end of the great Silk Road. For centuries, people have been coming to Istanbul … Read More

>Turkey: Taking a Cup of Kindness

> Via ferries through the Greek Isles, I crossed into Turkey.  After arriving in late afternoon my plan was simply to have dinner and then catch an overnight bus on to Cappadochia (Kap-uh-doe-key-ah)  The buses in Turkey are fabulous, by the way.  They are frequently made by Mercedes-Benz and usually include airplane seating and a … Read More

>The Keystone Country

> Register now for our latest Teacher Workshop about Turkey.  This Eurasian country has some of the richest history in the world and is quickly becoming one of the most dynamic nations of the 21st century.  Nevertheless, Turkey is not usually mentioned when discussing foreign relations and influential geopolitical role-players.   Take this opportunity to enrich … Read More