Emergency Medical Sign Language Booklet

Kacey and Kayli wanted to help DeafCAN, an organization that provides services to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals in Pennsylvania. For their project, they created a booklet with essential medical phrases in five different sign languages: American English, British English, Chinese, French, and Spanish. To fund their project, Kayli and Kacey contacted several local institutions and were able to raise over … Read More

An Evening in India

Meghan wanted to spread cultural awareness by sharing the culture and history of India with her school and community. For her project, she hosted a “culture night” at her school. This event consisted of exhibits around her school’s gym that featured traditional clothing, Bollywood movies, food, and henna.       Meghan also organized classical Indian … Read More

Multicultural Student Union

Yuri recognized the diverse cultures within her school and wanted to promote a sense of understanding and respect throughout the student body. Thus, she organized a cultural night during which there was several booths displaying aspects of peoples’ different cultures. In order to plan this event, she first met with several staff members at her … Read More