Council Announces New Cybersecurity Series

The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh is happy to announce its Cybersecurity 2.0 series of programming this fall. Our multi-part series will include events focused on the legal aspects of cyber crime and cyber warfare on a global level, and new threats to cybersecurity, among others, and will feature experts representing the FBI, Uber, the United States Attorney General’s Office, and more.

Upcoming Events in this Series

Oct. 26, 2016
Luncheon Discussion
Cybersecurity Series: Exploring Cybersecurity through a Legal Lens

  • David Hickton
    United States Attorney General, Western District of Pennsylvania
  • Matthew LaVigna
    Interim President and CEO, National Cyber Forensics & Training Alliance
  • Keith Mularski
    Supervisor of the Cyber Squad, FBI’s Pittsburgh Field Office

Nov. 22, 2016
Evening Reception
Cybersecurity Series: New Threats to Cybersecurity

  • Chris Valasek
    Security Lead, Uber Advance Technology Center

In a recent NEXTpittsburgh article, Chris Valasek discusses his love of all things Pittsburgh, his latest research, and his involvement with a group of educators to start a high school that aims, among other things, to teach kids the fine artistry of hacking.