Emerging Global Leaders Conference 2021

Wednesday, June 16, 2021
The virtual conference is FREE and open to all high school students and adult allies.
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This year’s Emerging Global Leaders Conference honors the defiant, the hopeful, the dreamers, the disruptors, and the unapologetic young people who have had their voices stifled or silenced. All too often, young people are called upon to lead in the future, but young people around the world are reclaiming their time and asserting that the future is NOW. 

 The Emerging Global Leaders Conference is a celebration of these voices and a call to action for all youth and adult participants. The Conference presents change-makers from around the world making a difference in their community and abroad. Students will have the opportunity to engage in conversations on critical local and global issues. The Emerging Global Leaders Conference, designed by and created for youth, will provide students with the tools to challenge the status quo and make an impact locally and globally. The event will feature moderated panel discussions on critical local and global issues, in-depth workshops on how students can take action, and opportunities for students to learn more about youth-led organizations they can participate in. We hope that this day-long event will inspire students and adult allies to reclaim your time and transform your future.

Prizes will be awarded throughout the event based on engagement and participation!

Speakers Include: The Indigenous Support Project, The Uncut Team, Re-Earth Initiative, 1HOOD, Rethink-Words, Chatham University, Black Dream Escape, AznActivists, Abolitionist Teaching Network, Communitopia, DICCE, Two Feathers, Civics Unplugged

Please make all inquiries to Suad Yusuf at: Suad@worldpittsburgh.org

View the Emerging Global Leaders Conference schedule & directory.