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Diplomacy Simulation Workshop with the US State Department

May 30, 2019 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Join the Carnegie Library – Downtown & Business, the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, and the US State Department for this fun, interactive experience at negotiating in an international diplomacy simulation. The total time for the negotiation is about 3 hours. Participants should plan on attending the entire simulation.

Space is limited and registration is required. Register alone or in teams!

TOPIC: International Migration Crisis

In this hypothetical simulation, participants will take on the roles of the U.S. Department of State and other key stakeholders as they negotiate a diplomatic resolution to the current crisis and the factors that led to it. The exercise will develop skills in critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, persuasive communication, and global competence.

The country of Budan has passed a law forbidding the Rubits, a minority group, to worship according to their traditions. The Rubits have long been subject to societal and institutional discrimination, but the new law and an increase in violent incidents have led to rising tensions between the Rubits and the Budanese government.  Thousands of Rubits have crossed the border into neighboring Gilbia. Unable to access accounts in Budan and often without passports, most of these Rubits are unable to travel further.  They are now residing in a large makeshift camp near the Budan-Gilbia border. Sympathetic to the Rubits, the Gilbian government has allowed them to remain and provided some basic assistance, but Gilbia does not have the resources to care for the growing number of people leaving Budan and settling in the camp. It has asked for a meeting with Budan, the United States, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, and the Association for Refugees and Minorities to discuss the issue.

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