Expert: Snowden’s leaks hurt tech firms’ credibility, government power

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article about the recent Council event with Sina Marie Beaghley, Senior International Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation, Former Director for Intelligence and Information Security, National Security Council.

smbFormer government contractor Edward Snowden’s disclosures about U.S. intelligence gathering upended technology companies’ interaction with the federal government in ways that continue to affect both their business models and their relationship with the feds, a former top National Security Council official said Thursday.

Snowden leaked one of the largest troves of classified information in history in 2013, including information on how telecommunications companies cooperated with government snooping and how spy agencies accessed private information online.

“The reality was that it hurt U.S. companies’ bottom lines to be perceived as being complicit with the U.S. government,” Sina Marie Beaghley, former director of Intelligence and Information Security on the National Security Council, told about 60 people at a World Affairs Council luncheon in Downtown Pittsburgh.

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