>Food for Thought

>It’s Friday! The weekend’s coming up, and with (hopefully) more time on your hands to think and do things, here’s an inspiring article from the NYTimes about individuals making a difference in international development. Read it, think about it, and have a great weekend!

Highlights from the article:

  • SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises) developed menstrual pads out of banana tree fibers to reduce the cost of these sanitary items and therefore keeping more girls in school.
  • A young woman went to Nepal after high school and founded a children’s home, the Kopila Valley Children’s Home, for Nepali orphans.
  • A middle-class couple started a project, One Day’s Wages, to convince people to donate one day’s worth of their yearly income to charity.

Other Resources:

  • Nicholas Kristof’s article, How to Change the World (accompanying the original story)
  • Global Giving, a site that lists causes around the world in need of financing.
  • Change.org, another site that lists various causes that need support.