Global Education Program

For five decades, the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh has had a special focus on serving secondary schools throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Through its award-winning educational outreach program, the Council organizes innovative programs focused on the foreign policy challenges which lie ahead for the successor generation. Each year, these events reach thousands of students and teachers in nearly 200 area schools.

The mission of the Global Education Program actively engages secondary school students and educators across the region to promote:

  • the skills necessary to navigate a complex, diverse and increasingly interdependent world,
  • informed and independent thinking about international affairs, and
  • critical understanding about important issues in a globalized world as they affect the nation and this region.

Today’s students will grow up as citizens of a global leader and participants in an increasingly global marketplace. They need to understand and think critically about their world—and the diverse cultures, perspectives, and interests comprising that world. Teachers turn to the Council for access to educational programs that keep pace with the events and issues that shape our futures.

Through the innovative use of video conferencing technology and social media, students in Western Pennsylvania have the opportunity to collaborate with each other as well as their peers around the world through the Council’s ongoing relationships with schools around the world. Video conferencing is offered free-of-charge for schools in partnership with Generation Global.

Educational outreach events take a variety of formats, including visits to schools by experts and policy practitioners internationally-focused youth forums, career seminars, and student summits, accredited workshops for teachers, and intensive summer institutes. The Council also develops curricular materials such as lesson plans, preparatory materials, and informational videos on key global issues.