International Student Summit

y_summitHow can students better understand the complex and interconnected nature of challenges facing the international community? International Student Summits are World Affairs Council seminars that enable high school students to immerse themselves in an international issue and use creative thinking and collaboration skills to solve a complex global problem.

Students participate in International Student Summits either on-site at a host school or via video conference. Students have joined in from throughout the Pittsburgh region and around the world – including sites in Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Ghana, Greece, India, Italy, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Republic of Georgia, South Africa, and Taiwan.

Past International Student Summit topics include:

  • The Ebola Crisis: Model Global Ebola Response Coalition
  • Cybersecurity: Global Warfare in the Fifth Domain
  • Crisis and Famine in the Horn of Africa: How Should the World Respond?
  • International Responses to Natural Disasters
  • Cyber Security and Civil Liberties
  • World Environment Day: Exploring Global Water Issues
  • G-20 Student Summit