The Issues

issues2In an effort to help the Pittsburgh community better understand the world and the fast-paced developments as they unfold, the Council’s events focus on a wide range of issues. However, in recent years, the Council has become even more relevant to the community because it has increasingly focused on issues of importance on national and international levels—but with special relevance to southwestern Pennsylvania. These areas are:

  • U.S. National Security and Foreign Policy
  • Global Economic Competitiveness
  • Energy, the Environment, and Sustainability
  • The Role of Cities in the 21st Century
  • The Human Condition

issues1By focusing on these topics in addition to providing insight on global trends and current events from hotspots around the world, the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh provides a critical and often overlooked international context to issues affecting the region. In turn, this provides decision-makers and the community at large with deeper knowledge, a more nuanced understanding of the salient issues, and the enhanced ability to make informed decisions.

As the region’s hub for international discussion and debate, the Council keeps local citizens abreast of emerging international issues of critical importance and how they relate to—and impact—Southwestern Pennsylvania. The Council is committed to promoting and supporting Pittsburgh’s global relevance by providing an international perspective on a myriad of topics.