Meet our New Intern

maddy_internJoin us in welcoming summer intern Maddy Scott to the Council! A native of Pittsburgh, Maddy just finished up her first year at the University of Chicago, where she plans to major in history. “I love history because studying the past allows you to have so much more of a comprehensive conception of the present,” says Maddy, “especially in international affairs, looking at problems through a historical lens not only helps you understand the current situation, but also gives you a grasp on which solutions could work and which ones might not.”

Maddy’s interest in foreign affairs was piqued by traveling with her family at a young age, saying she feels “extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel so much internationally as kid.” After first traveling to France at age 2, Maddy has been able to venture to Italy, England, Spain, the Czech Republic, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, and Japan. A student of French since sixth grade, Maddy’s main region of international interest is Europe. More specifically, she is very interested in European public policy. Discussing the benefits of having an American public that is educated in global issues, Maddy says that “for example, at a time of intense debate over educational policy in the United States, I think the conversation can be helped by examples from, say, the Finnish education system.” Grateful for the many study abroad opportunities at her university, Maddy looks forward to studying in Rome or Paris her third year.