Mia’s Story

When I started school last year, I had no idea I was about to embark on a project that would change my life, and my school.

I’m lucky to attend Penn Hills High School, one of the schools where the World Affairs Council helps students explore global issues, learn about other cultures, and make a
difference in our communities.

Throughout the school year, Council activities showed us that when we learn about the world, we understand our own lives better. The themes that kept emerging throughout the discussions were empathy, understanding, and acceptance.

Our student body has been through some really tough times in recent months, and we wanted to inspire the whole school with a message of acceptance.

The work our school did with the Council encouraged students to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and understanding. We decided to paint a mural that wouldmake everyone feel welcome.

I was so happy when my design, which uses different colors to represent the diversity of students who go here, and a hand holding a heart to signify acceptance for all,
was chosen by my classmates.

I was happy not just because of what the mural represents, but because I was put in a position of leadership to bring this idea to life.

The feedback from other students, teachers, and parents has been astounding.

Everyone seems to understand how important this mural is for our school.

Without the World Affairs Council, none of this would have happened. To everyone who walks through the doors of our school now, the mural is a reminder that they belong.

I’ll be going to college next year knowing that I made a lasting impact on my school, and with the confidence to spread understanding and acceptance however I can.

Please give today so the Council can inspire more students to become leaders and make connections between the world and their communities!

Penn Hills High School Senior