Opportunity that Continues to Inspire Talent

Meet Allyce Pinchback, one of the Council’s first Global Travel Scholars. Her transformational experience in 2004 continues to influence the work she does today.

Allyce credits the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh for opening her eyes to the importance of global awareness. While in Japan as a Global Travel Scholar, Allyce recognized how much communities across the world have in common despite cultural and linguistic differences. The importance of this realization has remained with her throughout her education and career.



Allyce’s first trip abroad was so powerful that she came back to work for the World Affairs Council.In her three years with the Council, she expanded the Global Travel Scholarship program, ensuring a diverse range of students was able to go abroad and return more globally minded. “You want to put people in a good place — especially our students — to be able to make informed decisions.”

Preparing students to succeed in an interdependent world is what we do.

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