The South China Sea: Perspectives from a U.S. Naval Commander

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The South China Sea: Perspectives from a U.S. Naval Commander

Commander Brett W.  Holdiman, US Navy, joins us from the US Army War College to share his expertise on the South China Sea conflict. Commander Holdiman has over 2,300 flight hours and over 450 arrested landings. He is entitled to wear numerous military medals and has received various campaign, unit, personal, and service awards, and recently completed a deployment in the Western Pacific.

In this podcast, he discusses the implications for US foreign policy for the current land and sea disputes in this region, calling the South China Sea “vital to US national interests”.  China is currently claiming all the waters inside “The 9 Dash Line” to gain fishing and oil rights, which is against the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.  The US Navy’s mission is to protect the global commons (oceans that are not subject to a country’s sovereignty) and as Commander Holdiman explains,  an economic conflict in the South China Sea has far-reaching consequences.

Please note Commander  Holdiman’s opinions are his own and do not represent official US policy of any agency.







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