Women Trailblazers in the Military: Forging A New Path

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Women Trailblazers in the Military: Forging A New Path

Lieutenant Colonel Lisa Lamb talks with Anna about her career as a female military officer. LTC Lamb grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and has served in the US Airforce and the US Army, with a Master’s of Business Administration and a Master’s of Public Administration. She shares with us the history of women in the military, noting that historically, women have served in combat since the Revolutionary War. She discusses the challenges, triumphs,  and still-existing barriers for women in leadership positions, noting that mentorship and role models are imperative as one rises through the ranks. LTC Lamb also discusses the military’s focus on special programs such as the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response Prevention (SHARP) program, and provides advice on how to be an empowering leader.

Please note LTC Lamb’s opinions are her own and do not represent official US policy of any agency.






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