Nathan Darity – The Global Switchboard

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Nathan Darity - The Global Switchboard

Executive Director Nathan Darity and Program Coordinator Alaa Mohamed, sits down with CEO Angelica Ocampo to talk about their organization, The Global Switchboard, the Hub, and their Spoke event.

The Global Switchboard aims to not only provide meeting spaces for organizations, but provides active programming and coalition building to enable the growth of these organizations. The Global Switchboard aims to encourage peace, cooperation, and mutual understanding by educating and advocating for human rights and human dignity and by facilitating collaboration that amplify the impact of globally focused people and organizations throughout the region.

The Global Switchboard Hub was launched through their Hub + Spoke event in which they transformed the Act Hotel gymnasium into a physical representation of the digital hub, with six zones surrounding an open center – like spokes on a wheel. The idea of this event was to be a real life visual and interactive representation of a website from the internet. Online, the Global Switchboard Hub is an online extension of the real-world Switchboard community. Switchboard hopes that this online environment will play an important role in facilitating communication and collaboration among Pittsburgh’s global professionals.

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