Paul Deng Kur – Sudanese Lost Boy

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Paul Deng Kur - Sudanese Lost Boy

This week’s podcast features Paul Deng Kur, a Sudanese Lost Boy and author of “Out of the Impossible.” His book follows his own journey as a child through the Second Sudanese Civil War beginning in 1983, which would ultimately lead to 2 million deaths, millions displaced, and 20,000 uprooted young boys. Many of these boys and their siblings were forced to flee into the jungles of Sudan in order to escape slavery, induction into to the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), or death. For the next four years, about half of these boys would lose their life to hunger, dehydration, and exhaustion in search of loved ones or a safe place to stay. While many of these children fled to Ethiopia to escape the wars of Sudan, in 1991, the same children would flee to northern Kenya in order to escape the war in Ethiopia. The survivors of these events became known as the Lost Boys of Sudan.

As one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, Kur was among a group brought to Philadelphia in 2001 where he received his high-school diploma. He later went to Clarion University to study sociology. He is currently living in Pittsburgh and has earned two masters’ degrees. He hopes to use his degree to return to Sudan to help increase educational opportunities for girls in South Sudan.


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