Save the Children of Rohingya

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Save the Children of Rohingya

More than a million Rohingya people have fled their homes in Myanmar to escape ethnic and religious persecution. Jesse Hartness from Save the Children joins the podcast to discuss the Rohingya Crisis and the ways in which Save the Children is working to provide Rohingya children with healthcare and education. At its peak, the Rohingya Crisis saw more than 10,000 people per day moving across the border into Bangladesh. Today, Bangladesh plays host to the world’s largest refugee camp with nearly 1 million people — double the size of any previous camp. Save the Children has been involved in Bangladesh since 1970, and today’s expanded relief mission employs nearly 1,600 staff members and volunteers.

Jesse Hartness

Jesse Hartness is the Senior Director for Emergency Health & Nutrition at Save the Children. He has been working for Save the Children for more than 12 years in over a dozen countries. As a
Senior Director, Jesse manages a $45 million global portfolio spanning 30+ countries. Before his time with Save the Children, Jesse graduated from George Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs, and from Tulane University with a master’s degree in International Public Health.

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