Sue Usmeen, Director, “The Peace Agency”

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Sue Usmeen, Director, “The Peace Agency”

We were joined by Sue Useem to discuss her newest documentary, “The Peace Agency,” which follows the story of Lian Gogali and her 500 female students in the torn area of Poso, Indonesia. Gogali and her students are part of a powerful and successful movement for peace and justice in an area that has been racked by inter-religious violence for over a decade. The Peace Agency follows Gogli’s story from a single mother with a broken leg and a big dream to the creation of The Women’s School, an institution that transforms its all-female class into agents of peace and non-violence grassroots activism.

Sue Useem is an American documentary filmmaker and entrepreneur currently residing in Asia. “The Peace Agency” is her second feature film. In addition to her award winning documentaries, Useem has also worked as a producer and broadcaster for the Indonesian Service at the Voice of America (VOA) in Washington, D.C. for five years. She later started the Spotted Frog Productions Company in 2006. Spotted Frog Productions focuses on producing documentaries in Indonesia, Nepal, Senegal, and the United States. Topics of these films aim to bring unknown stories about misunderstood and forgotten conflicts and social issues around the world to the screen, while employing a diverse and talented group of media and film specialists. Through the combination of filmmaking, new media, academic rigor and journalistic integrity, Spotted Frog strives to increase the dialogue on the causes and consequences of violent conflict, oppression, and human rights violations.


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