What Does Nicaragua’s Future Hold?

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What Does Nicaragua's Future Hold?

Since April 2018, protests have erupted across Nicaragua, resulting in over 220 casualties and another 320 political detainees. Police presence has heightened and the economy is falling at an incredible pace. Thousands of Nicaraguans are fleeing the country and seeking asylum in other Central American countries and the United States. What does the future hold for Nicaragua?

On this episode of the World Affairs Report, Angélica is joined by two University of Pittsburgh students, Sergio Cabrales and Rosa De Ferrari, who possess a specific interest in the current state of Nicaragua and the government there, which remains in the grips of the Sandinista regime. Together, they discuss where Nicaragua stands today by delving into its past, beginning with the Sandinista revolution in the late 1970s, the Post-Cold War changes that it has endured, and the re-election of President Daniel Ortega.

About Our Guests

Sergio Cabrales is a Nicaraguan student who has been living and studying at the University of Pittsburgh since August 2018. He is currently performing extensive research on the collective actions and conflicts within the country.

Rosa De Ferrari is a Pittsburgh native who has spent a few years living and studying in Nicaragua. She is currently studying International Development and Health at the Graduate School of Public Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh.