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New Virtual Programming Series Brings the World to Pittsburgh

Building Back Better Virtual Programming

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted our profound connections through humanity while reminding us of the persistent injustices that continue to live in our world and in Pittsburgh. Following the Council’s established tradition in presenting innovative programs and activities on global issues, we are launching virtual events framed around the Build Back Better (BBB) agenda. This international agenda has proven effective for post-disaster recovery by mitigating vulnerability to future disasters and promoting community resilience to combat physical, social, environmental, and economic threats. It also encourages evaluating the structures, systems, and processes that were in place prior to the disaster to build back better and be more resilient than before.

Our goal is for our public programs to be a platform for diverse audiences and speakers to come together and build stronger, more resilient connections that transcend all communities so that as we move forward, we will be stronger together.

To focus our programming on supporting stronger communities, the Council will focus on the following four thematic areas for all public program offerings: Learning Hour, PGH Ingenuity, Community Gathering, and World Recess.

Learning Hour

The Learning Hour connects communities in the Pittsburgh region with a variety of different policy issues and global topics. These events are designed to be informative opportunities to hear from professionals in the field who are working to address global issues. Participants will have the opportunity to collectively reflect on how leaders and organizations from different sectors implement solutions that can make us stronger moving forward.

PGH Ingenuity

PGH Ingenuity will explore relevant and current topics that allow communities to learn from Pittsburghers who are designing and implementing innovative solutions to world problems such as COVID-19. These events will demonstrate how Pittsburgh has positioned itself as a city of innovators and is contributing to building a better world.

Community Gathering

Using a variety of voices and creative expressions, the Community Gathering programs bring opportunities for communities to engage with local issues from an equity and global lens. These virtual events reflect on how this global crisis has impacted all societal systems hitting people indiscriminately but impacting some groups more than others. Participants will have opportunities to learn from a variety of speakers who will share their experiences about fighting this pandemic and providing solutions that build a more just and better society.

World Recess

The World Recess programs are designed to be an entertaining and playful way to learn about the world and other global issues while connecting people from different backgrounds and experiences. Solidarity and social connections are fundamental when the aim is to build back better and move away from social and political division. These events are meant to be fun and creative ways to explore a variety of different topics.

Emerging Global Leaders Seminar

The Emerging Global Leaders Seminar is a free 5-part virtual series designed and facilitated by high school students to create a space for young people to understand and think critically about the pandemic’s impact on their world—and the various issues, intersections, and perspectives within it. Through the series students will connect with peers and experts, strengthen their understanding of the overarching global impacts of the pandemic and how these issues shape the world around them, and learn how to take meaningful and informed action as youth to build our world back better. July 1 @ 3 PM: COVID-19 x Health Care July 8 @ 3 PM: COVID-19 x Environment July 15 @ 3 PM: COVID-19 x Politics July 22 @ 3 PM: COVID-19 x Economy July 29 @ 3 PM: COVID-19 x Education August 5 @ 3 PM: Using Your Digital Voice to Build Back Better in partnership with iGeneration Youth