Providing Opportunity by Encouraging Talent

The Council’s Global Education Program partners with teachers, like Amy Kerr, who are focused on developing globally competent students in school districts with limited resources.

Amy has helped to shape our Hot Seat video conference events, which give students the opportunity to interview world-class experts on international issues in collaboration with students from across the region and around the world. Empowering students through such authentic learning experiences deepens their knowledge, builds their confidence, and prepares them for the future. Such programs also provide teachers with the content and tools to better equip, inform, and inspire today’s students to successfully navigate a complex world.

Through the Council, Amy recently embarked on her first international expedition, a summer study tour through Turkey. As a World Cultures teacher, she finally had the opportunity to experience the places she teaches, which has ignited her passion to see and learn more. It takes a collective community investment to arrange opportunities for local talented students and educators to have informative and life-changing experiences. These contributions make an incredible impact on our area schools and let teachers like Amy empower her students to become globally-minded citizens.

The talent is there. Let us provide the opportunity.