Recognizing Ramadan in Pittsburgh


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This post was written and researched by World Affairs Council intern, Jalyn Evans

Over a billion Muslims around the world are ending their season of Ramadan at sundown on July 28th. Ramadan is a 30-day period in which Muslims fast–abstaining from daytime food and drink. Learning about this sacred time for Muslims provides us with a background for understanding the values, ethics and principles of Muslim cultures around the world.

Deeper than Hunger

Abstaining from food and drink is only one manifestation of fasting during Ramadan. The Muslim word for fast literally means “to refrain.”  A time to refocus attention on God and purify the spirit, Muslims are called to practice self-restraint from bad habits and ways of thinking, such as gossiping or holding grudges, during Ramadan. Muslims also seek renewal for broken ties between family and friends, making right any ill feelings toward others. Ramadan is a time for spiritual growth, reflection, and self-evaluation.

Ramadan in Pittsburgh!

Sheikh Atef Mahgoub

The Islamic Center of Pittsburgh celebrated the Muslim holy month of Ramadan on Sunday, July 13th, during its annual Humanity Day. At this celebration, Educators were honored for promoting acceptance and understanding of different faiths. Read the full article here.

The Center hosts an array of Muslim programs and events reaching out to those who are interested in the Muslim faith, these include Arabic classes and community outreach efforts.

Located at 4100 Bigelow Boulevard, the Center offers tours and is open for all regular prayer times.  Click here to learn more.