Project Koraput: Conversation with Debendra Singh

by Jen Saffron March 20, 2012 Debendra Singh is an Indian Christian minister in Jeypore, Orissa State, India. He works as a grassroots leader, empowering the poor in one of the poorest states in India and pastoring three congregations, including a faith community comprised entirely of refugees – the Koraput Survivors – who survived sectarian … Read More

Project Koraput: I am this, I am that. I am not this, I am not that.

by Jen Saffron March 19, 2012 “It is impossible to think of a democracy which recognizes ‘untouchability’ as a part of one’s individual Dharma or as a permissible form of religion or social prejudice.” – wall text from the Freedom Struggles Museum at the Red Fort, Delhi Church in Nandaguda, a village of mud houses … Read More

Project Koraput: Going South

by Jen Saffron Arriving in Delhi’s airport last night, we encountered a string of uniformed porters, drivers, and relatives, hanging over a rail like parade spectators, some holding paper signs with an expected guest’s name.  Our driver, Sanjay, held a sign that read, “Mr. Lynn Johnson” and after his look of surprise when Lynn introduced … Read More

Project Koraput, India: The Call

by Jen Saffron  In 2011, photographer Lynn Johnson embarked on a trip to India, documenting for National Geographic’s March 2012 cover story.  Her journey enabled her to follow the Christian Apostles, including St. Thomas in India, where she documented refugees – survivors of religious violence now settled in the community of Koraput in India’s Orissa State. … Read More