Talent is Universal, Opportunity is Not

Meet Desmond, a senior in the Pittsburgh Public Schools, who at one point felt secluded in his desire to travel and make a global impact. Desmond was committed to doing what made him happy, but lacked the opportunity and confidence to travel overseas.

That’s where the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh came in. Opening doors for transformative journeys, we provide students with the opportunity to expand their minds and understanding of the global community. This past summer, Desmond embarked on a four-week adventure in Thailand that he describes as a “life changing experience” through the Council’s Global Travel Scholarship Program.


His participation as a Global Travel Scholar has led to a newfound dedication to building his global awareness, and strengthening his leadership skills. That’s why he enrolled in the Council’s Global Leadership Certificate program, an intensive initiative that is designed to recognize high school students for their efforts in learning about international affairs and to strengthen key leadership skills needed for a 21st century workforce.

Transformations like these can only happen with continued community awareness and support. The World Affairs Council is dedicated to increasing global competency and taking local talent globally, one opportunity at a time. We agree with Desmond, that to foster international connections, we must “humanize people, everybody is a person. When you make a connection with someone, you recognize similarities. Having that across borders is impactful. It gives you the confidence to break down the walls of stereotypes.”

The talent is there. Let us provide the opportunity.