U.S. National Security and Global Challenges Seminars: Background Reading Resources

U.S. Army War College
Eisenhower Series Program 2018



U.S. Army War College Faculty Member

Dr. Michael S. Neiberg

U.S. Army War College Panel Members

Colonel Joseph S. Anderson, U.S. Army: Acquisition Reform: Solutions and Strategies

Commander Brett W. Holdiman, U.S. Navy: South China Sea: Strategic Interests and Dynamics

Lieutenant Colonel Matt G. Humphrey, U.S. Marine Corps: Critical Thinking in Practice

Colonel E.J. Irvin, II, U.S. Army: Strategic Leadership in Times of Change

Lieutenant Colonel Lisa Lamb, U.S. Army: Women Trailblazers in the Military: Forging a New Path

Colonel Mark McPherson, U.S. Army: Improving Safety through Investigation of Human Error

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Background Reading Resources:

National Security

Defense and Security (CSIS)

Democracy and Human Security (Brookings, 2017)

How Sharp Power Threatens Soft Power (Foreign Affairs, 2018)

President Donald J Trump Announces a National Security Strategy to Advance America’s Interests (The White House, 2017)

President Trump’s New National Security Strategy (CSIS, 2017)

Recommendations for Future National Security Defense Strategy (Brookings, 2017)


Acquisition Reform

Acquisition Reform to Enable Military Effectiveness (Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise, 2017)

Authority to Change: Existing Tools Can Provide Innovation and Accountability in Defense Acquisitions (CSIS, 2017)

New National Defense Strategy Prioritizes High-Tech Equipment, Acquisition Reforms (National Defense, 2018)

The Circular Firing Squad of Defense Acquisition Rhetoric (CSIS, 2017)



Is America Still the Leader of the Free World (The Washington Post, 2016)

Trump Is Ceding Global Leadership to China (The New York Times, 2017)

What’s So Great About American World Leadership (The Atlantic, 2016)


Women Trailblazers

A Guide to Talking Women, Peace, and Security Inside the U.S. Security Establishment (New America, 2017)

Not Secondary But Central: Perceptions of Gender Diversity in National Security (New America, 2016)

What Do Women Leaders Have in Common (The Atlantic, 2016)


South China Sea

ASEAN, China, and the Lasting Divisions Over the South China Sea (Council on Foreign Relations, 2017)

‘Slow-Moving Crisis’ as Beijing Bolsters South China Sea War Platform (The Guardian, 2017)

The False Choice of War or Accommodation in the South China Sea (Council on Foreign Relations, 2017)

What China Has Been Building in the South China Sea (The New York Times, 2015)

See the accompanying video here: From Reef to Island in Less Than a Year