National Security Briefing for Teachers: Background Reading Resources

U.S. Army War College
Eisenhower Series College Program 2020

Tackling Global Threats: Challenges Facing National Security

Moderator and Presenter:

Colonel Jonathan A. Shine, U.S. Army
Assistant Professor of Strategy, Department of National Security and Strategy, U.S. Army War College


Colonel Joe Buccino, U.S. Army
Lieutenant Colonel Amanda B. Evans, U.S. Air Force
Lieutenant Colonel Aaron J. Sadusky, U.S. Army
Lieutenant Colonel David E. Short, U.S. Army

View the agenda: National Security Briefing for Teachers – Program Agenda

Background Reading Resources:

National Security Along the Southwest Border

Thousands More Troops Heading to Border as Defense Dept. Officials Defend Deployments (The New York Times, 29 January 2019)

Critics Renew Push to End Military Deployment to Southern U.S. Border (Military Times, 15 November 2019)

DOD Officials Testify on Military Support to Southwest Border (Joint Chiefs of Staff)

The State Partnership Program – Promoting Enduring Security Relationships with Allies

The State Partnership Program (SPP) (Department of Defense National Guard Bureau, Updated January 2020)

State Partnership Program Fact Sheet (Department of Defense National Guard Bureau, 6 November 2019)

Securing the Nation One Partnership at a Time (Strategic Studies Quarterly, Fall 2018)

National Guard Committed to ‘Long Game’ with State Partnership Program (U.S. Air Force, 1 February 2019)

Mandatory National Service—A Bridge to Fix the Civilian-Military Divide?

The Military Aren’t Heroes or Villains. They’re Us. (Foreign Policy, 1 July 2019)

United We Serve?: The Debate over National Service (Brookings Institute, 1 September 2002)

What is the Future of Warfare in Space?

The New Space Race (Foreign Policy, 14 May 2019)

Shanahan: Next Big War May Be Won or Lost in Space (U.S. Department of Defense, 9 April 2019)

‘It’s going to happen’: Is the World Ready for War in Space? (The Guardian, 15 April 2018)

The Challenge of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Using Games to Educate Strategic Leaders

China’s Massive Belt and Road Initiative (Council on Foreign Relations, 21 May 2019)

Bridging the Belt and Road Divide (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 10 October 2019)