Welcome Home to the 2013 Global Travel Scholars! (Part 2)

Earlier this week, we introduced you to six of our 12 Global Travel Scholars with a compilation of excerpts from their travel essays about their summer immersion trips. In case you missed it, you can catch up on the adventures throughout Asia, South and Central America by clicking here.

Part two features six additional scholars and their experiences in Africa and Europe. Continue reading to learn more about these trips, and the impact they made on the scholars’ lives.

Amanda Grace – Botswana

Botswana Part 2 242“Our safari was the last taste of Botswana that we got and it was certainly worth it. It took a total of six hours to drive from Kasane into the Chobe National Park in an open air jeep. We bounced around for hours wondering if we were ever going to get off the sand roads and to our camp. That night while we slept in our tents, I woke up to the sight of an elephant eating leaves off of the tree branch above my tent. It was amazing to be so close to the animals outside of a zoo.”

Cassie Lignelli – Morocco

1001119_10151901446572275_64692330_n“I know that because I was placed in situations I was not sure how to handle or felt uncomfortable confronting that I grew immeasurably as a person, and that I have a flexibility to absorb other cultures and ways of life with my heart and mind wide open.”

Kevin McDowell – Tanzania

P1000914 “The trip as a whole was life changing. Not only did I grow as a person, but my mind was opened to a new way of living. I have now been inspired to not only travel more as I age, but also to do study abroad trips in college.”

Nathan Lawyer – South Africa

543814_585168311533543_10698921_n“The Anthonys, my host family, had just one son who was my age, his name was Virgyll. At first it was really weird between Virgyll and me. It felt like I was that annoying little brother that your parents make you take everywhere, but by the end of our eleven day home stay, Virgyll and I were like real brothers. We did everything together and it was fun. One day Virgyll and his friends taught some of us Americans how to play rugby and we taught them how to play football.”

Jordan Tyler – Italy

clip_image002“I have learned about cultures through history books, but being fully immersed into another culture has allowed me to appreciate both the differences and similarities we all have. I will take this experience with me in my life as I continue to progress to higher education and future endeavors. I am now more open-minded than ever before, and I will continue to share my experiences with others so that they too can learn about new cultures.”

Raina Bradley – Spain

IMG_1819“Once everyone started getting to know one another the trip really took off and friendships started to happen. I will never forget the first day in Madrid when we went to “Tapas 44” and got our first taste of Spanish culture and food. One of the girls unknowingly ordered a plate of cheese and we couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves and one another because it’s impossible to learn those things out of a Spanish text book in class.”