World News Update

The 2016 Election; regime change in the Middle East; politicizing the TPP; strained relations with China; Sri Lanka takes the stage; Vietnam reflects; Britain retreats; plus global energy forecast

Foreign Policy and the 2016 Presidential Election

Everybody Against Obama: Previewing 2016’s Foreign-Policy Debate,” John Allen Gay – The National Interest, May 1, 2015

Bernie Sanders Could Push Hillary Clinton Into Uncomfortable Foreign Policy Territory,” David Francis – Foreign Policy, April 30, 2015

Saudi Arabia – More Changes at the Top

The Saudi Royal Family Shakeup,” Robin Wright – The New Yorker, April 30, 2015

Which Way Will Saudi Arabia Swing?” Luay Al-Khatteeb – Brookings, May 1, 2015

Syria – Assad: Going, Going, Gone?

Talks Restart But That’s Not Why Civil War Might End,” Alan Philps – The National, May 3, 2015

Is Bashar-al-Assad Finished, For Real, This Time, Again?” Aaron David Miller – Foreign Policy, May 1, 2015

Trans Pacific Partnership – The Geopolitics of Economics

A Trade Watershed?” Robert J. Samuelson – The Washington Post, May 3, 2015

Weaponized: The ‘China Card’ Makes its Return to U.S. Politics,” Peter Harris – The National Interest, May 1, 2015

U.S.-Sino Relations – Clash of the Titans?

Why the New U.S.-Japan Security and Trade Pacts Will Incur China’s Wrath,” Minxin Pei – The World Post, May 4, 2015

A Frosty Peace Beckons for the US and China,” Philip Stephens – Financial Times, April 30, 2015

Sri Lanka – A Tiny, but Suddenly Strategic, Country

Sri Lanka Looks to the United States,” Walter Russell Mead – The American Interest, May 3, 2015

India v. China in Sri Lanka – Lessons for Rising Powers,” Kadira Pethiyagoda – Brookings, May 1, 2015

Vietnam – Reflections on the “American War”

How Young Vietnamese View the Vietnam War,” Elisabeth Rosen – The New Yorker, April 30, 2015

United Kingdom – Missing in Action?

Is Britain Retreating From the World?” Richard G. Whitman Interview – Council on Foreign Relations, May 1, 2015

Britain’s Uncertain European Future,” Robin Niblett – Politico, May 5, 2015

Energy Outlook – What Does the Future Hold for the U.S.?

American Strategy and Critical Changes in the U.S. ‘Energy Import Dependence,’” Anthony H. Cordesman – Center for Strategic and International Studies, May 4, 2015